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I am from Applachia, Kentucky.


My mamaw Verda and papaw Marion were salt of the earth people; never had money, farmed and bartered for what they needed. If my papaw Marion were alive today he'd be 127 yrs old.


Sadly both of them passed before I was 4 years old. I come from these people. My mother Louise and aunt Zena passed down to me the importance of good ole southern cook'n'(lard) and hospitality (warmth & laughter), not to mention what a good porch sittn will do in clearing your mind and keeping you acquainted with your neighbors(family). 


I'm 36, live & work in Upstate NY. I am the first to graduate college in my family, let alone go out and get myself a masters degree.


I've been working with the dirt for more than 10 years now! I work with the earth!

I'm Zena Verda Pesta, maker of pottery, quilts, supper, grower of food, nurturer of partnerships,roller dancer,and participant in all types of learning environments.

Multidimensional & limitless love! Altho
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