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Teaching Philosophy
Our learning is continuous throughout our lifetime & it is never done! I am a lifelong learner & strive to exemplify the importance of nurturing continuous engagement, curiosity, understanding, connection, sharing, courage, tolerance, & growth in oneself.
There are as many kinds of learning as there are teaching, as there are people in this world. Some recognize   knowledge deeply buried in their bones, others seek it out, while some create visions.  Facilitating a space where kids are celebrated for their unique learning styles helps them understand they contribute to the world in a meaningful way. I create safe space for kids to be seen & heard, through listening and honoring their lives and their unique curiosities. 
Advocating for kids while cultivating a community of  relationship, celebration, abundance, and understanding is my life’s work. I bring my extensive knowledge & expertise as an artist, craftsperson, designer, group facilitator, lifelong learner, radical educator, & gardner/environmentalist into my workshop & classroom environments to weave expansiveness, growth, & continued curiosity. Through hands-on experiential methods & thoughtful dialogue I facilitate trust in oneself, reflection of one's own inherent value & a greater awareness of one’s space in community. 
Why I advocate for & engage in learning environments with kids:
  • To have kinship with others & help others understand the relationship we have with ourselves & the environment. 
  • To deepen self reflection and create understanding around our contributions to communities as a whole.  I feel a calling to invest in these kid communities and become an elder in these spaces. 
  • To challenge dominant narratives of what to honor & value, by presenting other existing narratives & facilitating kids to dream up new ones.
  • To celebrate diversity of perspectives, ideas, cultures,& race.  
  • I am inspired everyday when engaging with young people who are honest, curious, naturally creative beings. I feel an immense amount of gratitude to be involved in these spaces and doing so helps me recognize my inherent value and abundance I have to share.I have the innate ability through my experiences & the virtue of patience, to present flexibility in an environment & encourage creativity. 
What & How I facilitate in my learning environments:

I feel very strongly about the power of hands on experiential and immersive learning.  I use methods of observation & facilitation to meet kids where they are.  I value the importance of communication and feedback in utilizing a workshop environment. These workshops activities combine the interests of participants & facilitators, aiming to stir curiosity. I make sure that within the structure of the activities there is wiggle room for expansion & contraction. I work well with mingled age groups, as these inherently provide an example of our celebrated differences & learning styles. These hands-on workshops can also be used as grounding practicing tools, which promote collaboration, critical thinking, & growing through conflict.  I provide activities that are both structured & open ended. I trust kids to guide and choose directions suited for them individually. I employ consensus decision making practices when working in groups and deciding other paths collectively. Through individual and group projects we explore responsibility, self reliance, and interdependence. I allow safe space for expression of feelings, thoughts, interests, & important questioning. I provide specific and meaningful positive feedback and encouragement. I continually reflect on my practice and demonstrate my commitment to lifelong learning by seeking out appropriate support and furthering my own professional development. I believe it is also healthy for kids to see that I don't have all the answers and that I must deal with contradictions about teaching and life just as they will. The most joyous moments are when I recognize my learnings from my students and they inspire me to grow in understanding regarding new subjects & interests.
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